Big News at Urban Pearl!


An Exciting New Season for Urban Pearl!

Spring is right around the corner, and with it some exciting news from your friends at Urban Pearl! Due to the success of our first year on Main Street, we’ve been looking to expand our reach and continue our mission to provide our shoppers with one of a kind finds that can’t be found anywhere else. This leads us to our first big announcement. At the end of this month, Urban Pearl will be returning to the Painted Mill Vintage Tag Sale, one of our original stops from our early days as a mobile boutique. We loved our time spent at the Painted Mill in years past, and are so excited to be given the opportunity to rent space inside the Mill this time around! Be sure to stop by on March 24, 25 or 26 for our debut, and check out the unique styles we’ll be offering from this location only! Same great style and price, just even more options to choose from!

Our second big announcement this month is one that some of you may have seen coming for a long while. Maybe you guessed it was only a matter of time before we started offering your favorite styles and brands online, and you were right! In an effort to make shopping from Urban Pearl more convenient, we’ve revamped our former web store, where you can now find a selection of our favorite styles. All of our online styles are also available in-store, and while only select styles are currently available for purchase online, we’re actively building on our current online offerings. Check back often! You can find our brand new web store at As always, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!