Introducing Maggie


When asked about Maggie, here’s what Lyn, owner of Urban Pearl, had to say:

Maggie has been an integral part of the growth and success of Urban Pearl since she came on board my ‘one man team’ in late 2014.  I actually was considering discontinuing the mobile boutique business, but she gave it a boost of energy that fall.  Maggie has a style all her own which is an immense help when we go on our shopping trips as well as when she works with customers in the shop.  Unique style and independent thinking are a must in this business!  In addition to style, she brings a tech savvy approach to the business.  We’re looking forward to exploring the option of Maggie opening a franchise store for Urban Pearl in Columbia, Md in 2018!

  1. When did you start working at Urban Pearl, and what made you want to apply here?

    I started working at Urban Pearl in 2014 when it was still a mobile business. It was  a part time job at that time helping Lyn with behind the scenes work to get the mobile boutique ready to hit the road.  I’ve been with her ever since.  

  2. What were some of the previous jobs you’ve had?

    I’ve been a competitive cheer-leading coach and I worked as a medical assistant at a doctors office.

  3. Have you learned anything about yourself from working here? Why do you enjoy working here?

    I’ve learned so much!  This has taken me from college to adulthood and it has shaped me into the young woman that I am right now. It has taught me a lot about responsibility and maturity. My favorite part is being surrounded by people and making women feel great every day.

  4. What do you think it is about Urban Pearl that draws people in?

    Our humble nature and the fact that we have something for every body type.

  5. What makes Urban Pearl different from other places you’ve shopped?

    If feels like a family here.  Very much a home setting feeling.

  6. How do you describe your look and what is your favorite style of clothing?

    My look is casual with a boho flare.

  7. Back to school season is here. What are some of your favorite trends and how will you help the Urban Pearl customers find a fitting style for back to school?

    Embroidery is on sweaters, jackets, shorts and there’s tons of velvet. My favorite is taking something simple and adding a beautiful embroidery to it. I like finding pieces that will help you transition from season to season. I also like more fitted looks, styles have have been moving from flowing to fitted and I think it’s more flattering.