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Shopping Spree Contest Winners!

We have our contest winners!
Last month, we announced a contest for high school and college-aged girls to write in and tell us what made their summer amazing. Our first and second place winners each received a shopping spree at Urban Pearl!
Want to see who won? Keep reading!


First Place
Molly Robinson
Thrill-Seeking Future Meteorologist

Rain falling, hail pounding, and wind blowing, my summer was a thrilling and unique adventure for a college student. This past summer, I was lucky enough to go storm chasing in the Midwest with other fellow meteorology students from Penn State. Each day we were chasing, we had to think as a group on the spot to determine the best course of action; sometimes that yielded in quality storms, other times that yielded duds. This year, we were lucky enough to see structured storms as well as two tornadoes, something not everyone from the east coast can say. Luckily, the tornadoes we saw were very weak and did not produce much damage, but they were mesmerizing to see in person. My favorite day was the day we saw a fairly structured tornado. We picked one storm to follow that day and continued tracking as it kept moving into a favorable environment for tornadoes. We eventually found a great spot beside a field to watch the funnel touch down. Then we realized we had to book it out of the area as the tornado was moving towards us. We were safe thankfully, but the entire chasing experience got my heart racing with excitement. As a meteorology student, it’s one thing to watch videos or see pictures of tornadoes, hail, and lightning, but a completely different experience seeing it all in person. This trip was definitely one to remember and always a great ice breaker for future conversations.”

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Second Place
Anna Smith
Easy-Going World Traveler
“Hi! My name is Anna Smith and I am in my second year at York College. I am a secondary education-biology major. My hope is to come back to Maryland and teach after I graduate! I took physics at Harford Community College this summer, and though it was tough, and very time-consuming, I made a new friend and was able to get more credits towards my major, so I could minor in chemistry as well. The highlight of my summer and what made it so memorable was my family trip to Paris and London! Our flight to JFK Airport from Philadelphia was supposed to leave at 1:30 PM, but got delayed three times before it was cancelled. Originally, we were told that we would miss a day and a half of our vacation because there were no other flights. Our mom was able to find a flight with a new airline, but that flight was delayed twice as well. After 13 hours in the airport we finally flew overnight to Paris. When we arrived, we realized that one of our bags was missing. The bag never came, and we didn’t get it for another two weeks after we got back to the U.S. We made the most of it and I rocked some sundresses with my tennis shoes! We got to go to some high-end shops in Paris as well as London and overall had one of our best vacations ever!”

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We were blown away by all of the submissions that we received, but Molly and Anna really showed us that #PearlGirls live on the edge and have a great attitude through difficult times. Congratulations, ladies!