Styles and Trends for Late Summer/Fall 2017

As we dive deeper into the summer of 2017, we begin to see new fashion styles and trends everywhere we go. These styles are cute and fun no matter what you’re up to this summer. Most styles are ones we either have at Urban Pearl or are coming soon. We hope you enjoy these adorable trends as much as we do. 

This summer is the season of stripes. Striped skirts, dresses and shirts. Stripes are so great because you can wear them pretty much everywhere. You can dress them up or down, wear them on the beach or at the park. Urban Pearl just received a stripe maxi dress that we recommend to anyone wanting to try out this trend. We would definitely suggest stocking up on your stripes this season!

Another style that we love here at Urban Pearl is the off-the-shoulder look. This trend can be seen in so many different forms, completely off the shoulder, with ruffles, or a single shoulder look. Our completely off-the-shoulder clothes are very cute and fun to wear to the beach or to family parties. Check out Urban Pearl's off-the-shoulder matching top and skirt when you’re in the shop. The single shoulder look is another great way to spice up a regular outfit. With this trend you will find many ruffles. Ruffles are a huge hit this season and add an even more unique look to the style. If you are looking to add this trend to your wardrobe, one of our personal favorites are our off the shoulder dresses. 

When finding your summer color think yellow. Now if you think yellow just isn’t your color, think again! There are so many shades of yellow that at least one of them is bound to look great on you! Yellow’s a great way to brighten up any outfit and make it more fit for summertime. At Urban Pearl we have tons of different shades of yellow for you to try and if you’re someone that only wants an accent of yellow you should check out our 2 in 1 bag or any of our wristlet/cross-body yellow bags. 

The last style we've began to see this summer are sleeve slits. This trend takes your average shirts to the next level. You probably won’t find any sleeve slits in the store currently but you can definitely look for this rising trend in the future.