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The MAN-y Faces of Urban Pearl

Here at Urban Pearl, we have extra love for our loyal customers who choose to shop with us time and again.  While most boutiques can only say that they cater to female shoppers, we are proud to have a loyal group of gentlemen to shop with us for their ladies regularly! This month, we were able to chat with John, Scott, and Jared who all stopped by to pick up some goodies for their Pearl Girls! Here’s what they had to say:


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John and Steff Devilbiss have been friends of Urban Pearl for years. The pair were introduced by a mutual friend and will celebrate their 33rd marriage anniversary this year.  When asked about his lovely wife, John told us, “She has an eye for fashion and always looks great” but noted that he especially loves her look for date night out on the town. Although we could have talked to him all day about their love story, we had to know: What is it that keeps bringing him back to Urban Pearl when looking for something special for Steff? “The uniqueness and quality of your selections. There is always something new and different in stock and I know that I can always find something she will like and look great in. Your inventory fits her style perfectly. I’d also have to say that the employees are great and very helpful. They are honest with their options on outfits, which is very refreshing.”, he said. Stop, we’re blushing! Before John left, we asked him what advice he would give to other men who are shopping for the women in their lives for the first time. His answer? “All they need to know is the size of their lady’s clothes and shoes and they can stop in and have the easiest time finding the perfect outfit with the help of the Urban Pearl team. So, to sum it up, the men can get the perfect gift for their ladies and have fun doing it.” We LOVE this guy!


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Another loyal male customer, Scott Keck, is actually married to our very own Trish from Creative Concepts by Trish! You may recognize her as being the creative genius behind our Paint Nights (more about that in the next post!). Scott and Trish are the ultimate #relationshipgoals, with him swinging by regularly to pick up something that will surprise his lady. Our Pearl Girls are always keeping him in mind during unboxing days by putting aside anything Trish might like for next time he visits us! The couple met at a Halloween party three years ago and were married this year. Our newlyweds spend their time together traveling and drinking wine, as most glamorous romances go *swoon*. He describes her style as “casual with a flair” and loves when she wears long, flowy sundresses (like many of the ones we have in stock right now!).  When Scott stopped by this week, we asked him why he continues to choose Urban Pearl over other local options and his answer was simple, “The friendliness and customer service. When men come in to shop they just need to describe the woman's build and the Pearl team will point them in the right direction.” Well said, Scott. Be sure to come by for our next Paint Night with Trish on June 27th at 6:30PM!


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Jared and Tyra are impossible to ignore. They’ve been together almost four months and being around them makes us all a little giddy. They met in a class at Eastern University and, in his words, “We really just enjoy spending time with one another, whether that’s going to the movies, going out to eat, hanging out with friends, or just staying home and talking - we always enjoy each other’s company.” Hang on, it gets cuter. When we asked about Tyra’s style, Jared said, “Tyra Kirsten Lindblad has a very unique style. I feel as though she always stands out in a crowd of women for her crafted style. She can honestly wear anything, but for the most part she wears very modern dark colors that work well with pastel colors.” We’re not crying, you’re crying.  After we helped him pick out something special for her, we asked why he chose Urban Pearl to find the perfect gifts for his lady. “I think the atmosphere you are always guaranteed to see when walking into Urban Pearl is what really makes Urban Pearl one of a kind.  When I bought my girlfriend a dress to surprise her the employees made it very easy for me.”, he said.

Thank you to all of our loving and patient men who always let us help them find that perfect something for their Pearl Girls! We couldn’t ask for better customers!